Students wishing to study abroad or to be dispatched abroad

Study Abroad and Dispatch Abroad Programs

Below are programs available for Japanese students of Tottori University to study abroad or be dispatched abroad:

Type Category Outline
Study Abroad Long-term Study Abroad Support Program
Students study at an overseas university or a research institution, where they work toward a degree (master’s or a doctorate) in their specialized field.
They can receive financial assistance from the long-term study abroad support program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The program provides scholarships or financial aid for tuition or travel expenses.
Short-term Study Abroad Support Program
This is a program to provide an opportunity to study at a partner university overseas that has signed an academic exchange agreement with Tottori University, for a period of three months to less than one year.
Based on a nomination by the Faculty of Regional Sciences, Tottori University applies for a scholarship program called “Short-term Study Abroad Promotion System (dispatch)” of the Japan Student Services Organization (Independent Administrative Agency).
Double Degree Program (DDP) This is an educational program currently conducted between Pukyong National University (South Korea) and Tottori University.
Under this program, students study at Pukyong National University, our partner university under an academic exchange agreement, for two years.
Both universities recognize the credits earned at the other university and if the students under this program meet the requirements for graduation, they can obtain a degree from each university.
Overseas Dispatch Language learning/Cultural experience This is an overseas dispatch program of Tottori University during summer or spring vacation.
The destination universities include University of Waterloo (Canada), Inner Mongolia Normal University (China), Chuncheon National University of Education (South Korea), Pukyong National University (South Korea), Center for Imaginative Research of the University of Stendhal-Grenoble III (France) and the University of Arkansas (U.S.A.).
Curriculum for Practical Overseas Education in Mexico This is a program for juniors of Tottori University.
They are dispatched to partner universities under academic exchange agreements in La Paz, Baja California Sur (The Northwestern Center of Biological Research (CIBNOR) and Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS)) for three months.
This is a practical education curriculum that combines language learning, lectures and fieldwork based on the regional characteristics and subjects of Mexico. It aims to develop internationally competent human resources.

Study Abroad Support System


Students can apply for scholarships offered by foreign governments and private organizations in addition to those provided by the Japanese government for short or long-term study abroad programs (long-term study abroad support program and short-term study abroad promotion program).

Support for privately-funded study abroad

Students can study abroad at their own expense. If students study at an overseas partner university that has signed an academic agreement AND exchanged a memorandum on no tuition with Tottori University, they are exempt from examination fees, admission fees and tuition and other fees. Moreover, the credits they earn at the university can be transferred to Tottori University after a review.

Enhancement of Language Skills

As part of preliminary education for studying or language learning at a university in English speaking countries, China, South Korea or Mexico and others (mainly partner universities under an academic exchange agreement with Tottori University), a language skills enhancement course is offered on campus centering on the Center for International Affairs. Students can learn more than one language.