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Department of Regional Environment

Department of Regional EnvironmentTraining individuals to be able to design and develop a sustainable regional environment.


Economic growth throughout the 20th century has generated more affluent life style. However, historically developed harmonious environments unique to respective local areas have been degenerated and it has become more difficult ot maintain a healthy balance that will sustain our life styles and local ecosystems. The aims of our department are to design and develop sustainable regional environmental plans that will assist harmonious relationship between humans and nature, on the basis of both interdisciplinary approach and firm fundamental disciplines of environmental sciences.


  • Conservation and restoration of the natural environment
  • Conservation of biodiversity and functional recovery of ecosystems
  • Historical interrelationships between humans and nature and its application to modern society
  • Innovative use of energy and information technology
  • Best use practice of regional resources and the creation of new easily recycled materials0
  • The development of alternative lifestyles in harmony with sustainable regional environments


Available Teaching Licenses
Class 1 Teacher’s License to Teach in Junior High Schools (science),
Class 1 Teacher’s License to Teach in High Schools (science)

Requires credit in the courses offered in the Department of Regional Education and other required coursework.

Available Certifications

Certification for which the curriculum is intended
Certified environmental measurer, Pollution control manager, Taxonomic Proficiency Test, Biotope planner and builder


Private companies (Environment Section, Planning Section, Management Division, Research and Development Division, Consultant, I.T. Corporations…), Agricultural and other cooperatives, Goverment service, Junior high or high school teacher, Museum curator, Staff of NPO related to environmental conservation or regional design, Research institute staff, Graduate school

About Field Research

About Field ResearchField Reseach is a central subject of the Department of Regional Environment. Based on the knowledge cultivated in lectures, experiments, and practical trainings, the second-year students spend one year working on actual and proactive surveys into regions themselves.


The results of this training will be examined from multiple angles in Presentation Skills for Scientific Research in the first semester of the third year in order to cultivate the sutudents’abilities for development of regional environment.

The practical work is conducted (1) in order to provide the students with practical abilities for regional surveys, (2) with the assistance of regional residents and autonomies,(3)with the focus on field works,(4)from various aspects with a view to studying actual situation and problems of regions, and, (5) for the purpose of returning the research fruits to the regions. The students will acquire a fresh sense of problems in actual fields in regions, and gain a tremendous amount of accomplishment. They wil also make personal progress through formation of cooperative relationships within their groups. At present, the students are divided into groups by category and engaged in practical trainings focused on the basin of the Sendai River, which runs through the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture. The results of the surveys and researches are reported to regional residents outside the university every year.