Philosophy and Goals of Education and Research

The Graduate School of Sustainability Science aims to develop human resources who will lead the creation of a sustainable society with expertise based on a broad understanding of global and regional issues in the midst of a situation where the economy, society, and environment of Japan and its neighboring areas are drastically changing. To develop human resources with thinking skills and broad perspectives about a sustainable society, we are launching new majors—Regional Sciences, Engineering, and International Arid Land Science—in the first part of the graduate program.

In order to develop a sustainable society for a globalized age and an aging society with a shrinking population, individuals with the knowledge and ability to engage in social frameworks in daily life, culture, and education in the regions are necessary. To meet such a social need, the Faculty of Regional Sciences is offering two areas of specialization for highly specialized knowledge: the Concentration in Regional Creation and the Concentration in Human Resource Development. In our curriculum, students can learn from professors outside of students’own fields. In so doing,, we will aim at training professionals and scholars who can use not only use skills in regional development but also pay attention to the importance of nurturing local human resources.