Licenses and Future Career Paths

Careers After Completion

Possible careers after completion of the Concentration in Regional Creation include specialists and employees at local governments,think tanks related to public policies, private corporations, such as financial institutions and various consulting companies, NPOs and NGOs that deal with diverse regional issues with bottom-up approaches, and teachers at junior-high and high schools.

Possible careers after completion of the Concentration in Human Resource Development are the following examples: specialists in local governments involved in lifelong education and other education, staff members in social service and welfare service institutions, such as day-care centers and other education-related private companies, and teaching professionals in elementary schools, special support education schools, and kindergartens, who can provide development and learning supports.

Teaching Certificates applicable

Students who have completed the Major in Regional Sciences at the Graduate School of Sustainability Science can obtain a teaching certificate (specialized certificate) if they acquire the credits in the designated course subjects. The obtainable certificates are listed in the table below. As the base qualification to obtain one, the student must have a first-degree teaching certificate for the relevant school type and subject.

Concentrations Applicable Teaching Certificates (Specialized Certificates)
Concentration in Regional Creation
  • Junior High School Teacher (Social Studies)
  • High School Teacher (Geography,History,and Civics)
Concentration in Human Resource Development
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Special Support Education School Teacher (For the Intellectually/Physically Handicapped, the Health impaired)