Concentration in Regional Creation

Human Resources to be Fostered

In order to solve public problems and create a unique and sustainable region, this concentration will develop key people for the region who are capable of contributing to regional creation with an emphasis of people—for example, incorporating people’s engagement in regional development, local cultural resources, and community networks. Students can use their understanding and skills learned from courses in the areas of regional creation and global and cultural cultures.

Outline of Specialized Courses

The Major in Regional Sciences offers the following courses to deepen the knowledge required for solving public problems and developing a unique and sustainable region:

Core Courses

Special Research I and II are designed to help students work on their research and their dissertations at the graduate level.

Advanced Courses

Incorporating the research and experiences in the subject of regional sciences, these courses are designed to deepen knowledge and skills necessary for solving public challenges and for creating rich and sustainable regions.In addition, we offer a series of courses as regional management studies program. This program is designed to integrate educational resources from regional studies and the field of engineering in order for students to deepen comprehensive knowledge and skills of students.