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For individuals to play an active role in the dynamic arena of regional policy, they must be highly capable of: perceiving the spatial relationships among regional districts, both urban and rural; recognizing the key players in those districts, including residents, governments, private enterprises, and NPOs; detecting the varieties of relationships that those players forge together; understanding the political, economic, and other systems that underpin those relationships; and providing links among different regions. They must also have a broad perspective which allows them to pay close attention to each of these capabilities and acquire the skills to make full use of any one of them as needed.

About the Department of Regional Policy

Regional cities in Japan are currently faced with environments that are rapidly changing.
They face challenges such as a decline birthrate, an aging population, globalization and computerization.

These changes have raised more issues than such cities have ever encountered before, prompting them to make a number of decisions, including how they should go about reconstructing heavily debt-ridden local finances, operating their governments in the wake of the “great merger of municipalities in the Heisei period,” stimulating city centers, and revitalizing local communities, to name but a few.

Against this backdrop, regional cities are being required to take another look at their natural surroundings and their human, physical, historical, and cultural resources, while at the same time enhancing their capabilities to create their communities anew.
In this new era of regional policy that lies before us, it is necessary to construct new links to connect diverse stakeholders in each region, including local residents, governments, private enterprises, and NPOs, and gather input from various fields to form theories on community development and put effective policies into action.

Curriculum Chart and College life

1st year

  • Introduction to Regional Sciences
  • Introduction to Regional Policy
  • Introdution to Field Reserch
  • Public Policy
  • Introduction to Regional Planning
  • Introduction to Social Order Analysis
  • Community Welfare
  • Introductory Seminar in Regional Policy

2nd year

  • Public Participation in Planning
  • Local Government Law
  • Field Reserch
  • NPO/NGO Studies
  • Regional Economics
  • Seminar in Regional Policy
  • Improvements of Urban Areas
  • Urban Regeneration

3rd year

  • Foundations of Regional Sciences
  • Advanced Seminar in Regional Policy
  • Administrative law
  • Management of Self-Governing Bodies
  • Rural Revitalization
  • Evaluation Studies

4th year

  • Graduation Thesis


Full-Time Faculty

Name Degree Research theme
ONO,Tatsuya Professor *Evaluation Studies
*Evaluation theory for public management
*Statistical methods in evaluation practice
SAKAYAMA,Takao Professor *Regional Politics
*Basics of policy science in autonomies and practices of town development through fieldwork
*Revitalization of regional society in crisis, and methods and challenges regarding construction of global relationships within regions
NAKANO,Makoto Associate Professor *Sociology
*Potentials and limitations of inclusive communities
*Relationships between various “minorities” and communities
YANAKA,Shigeru Associate Professor *Environmental Sociology, Rural Sociology
*Environmental issues from the standpoint of livelihood
*Theories of resident organizations(residents’ association/NGO)
FUJITA,Yasukazu Professor *Science of Public Finance
*Actual condition and reform of autonomies’ finance
*Modern public policies
BAMBA,Kaori Associate Professor *Japanese Economy
*Functions of medium and enterprise and corporate managers in regions
*Market development of global retailers
AIZAWA,Naoko Associate Professor *Public Law
*Review on theory of the right to life (characteristics as a right)
*Local autonomy and decentralization of welfare
TAKEGAWA,Toshio Associate Professor *Social Welfare Studies
*Community based welfare system : public and voluntary welfare services at the local level
*Community Work
FUJII,Tadashi Professor *Urban Geography
*Regional stracture of metropolitan area : Comparative research regarding cities in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area, local cities, and cities in the USA and Australia.
YAMASHITA,Hiroki Associate Professor *Urban Geography
*Sustainable and livable cities
*Issues regarding the location of commercial facilities in urban areas : mainly in Canada, Australia, and Japan
TSUTSUI,Kazunobu Associate Professor *Rural Geography
*Community development in rural areas
*Regional economy and public services in rural areas

Profiles of Specially Appointed Professors

Name Degree Research theme
MITSUTA,Nagaharu Professor *Regional Economics
*Regional promotion measures
*Public economy

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