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Views of Dispatched Students and International Students

Students dispatched by Tottori University

Short-term program

Male first-year student in the Graduate School of Regional Sciences

Destination: Northeast Agricultural University (Harbin, Heilongjiang, China)
Period: August 2008 to July 2009

I had many great opportunities at Tottori University to become acquainted with foreign students and whenever I talked with them, I got the impression that they had a kind of sense” that one could never obtain only staying in Japan. My desire to gain experience overseas grew stronger and I decided to study abroad. The fact that I was studying Chinese to fulfill a foreign language requirement and that there were Chinese students in my laboratory added to my desire to study abroad. I consulted with my advisor and decided to study for one year at Northeast Agricultural University in Heilongjiang, China, with which our laboratory was conducting joint research and Tottori University maintains a partnership through an academic exchange agreement. Since I was a senior at the time, I conducted a survey on wind power generation there as my graduate research. I installed equipment for the observation of wind conditions and kept track of the amount of wind energy that was generated there.

In the meantime, I fully enjoyed my relationships with students at the university. In particular, I gained valuable experience by living in a dormitory where there were many Russian students. Through this experience, I strongly realized that people would look at me through the filter called “Japan” and that I myself became strongly aware of being “Japanese”. By going abroad, I also realized that I had to improve various skills including language skills, as it was hard for me to communicate with people.

It was a one-year program, which was not enough for me. If I had been able to stay longer, I could have deepened my understanding of the local community. I returned home with some reluctance.
(An excerpt from the 2011 Tottori University Prospectus)

Language Study Training

Female sophomore in the Department of Regional Culture, Faculty of Regional Sciences

Destination: University of Waterloo(Canada Toronto)
Period: August 6 to 31, 2009

The reasons why I decided to participate in this program were first to “improve my English ability” and second to “experience life in a foreign country”. With these objectives in mind, I flew to Canada and completed the program. What I learned the most from this one-month program was “cross-cultural understanding”.  

For language, the English lessons in Waterloo were easy to understand and thorough. However, since they focused on practical English, we had to practice using whatever English ability we had. I often regretted that I had not studied English much harder in the past.

In the midst of casual conversations, I also experienced that what I considered to be “common sense” was different from that of Canadians and that we sometimes had difficulty understanding each other due to differences in values. Despite all of this, we were still able to absorb different perspectives as we were respectful of different cultures.
(Excerpts from Tottori University Overseas Language Study Training Report 2009)

Language Study Training

First-year male graduate student in the Graduate School of Regional Sciences

Destination: University of Waterloo(Canada Toronto)
Period: August 6 to 31, 2009

Since this was my first time to stay overseas for a long period of time, it was a tough decision to make and even after I made the decision, I was very anxious until I left Japan.

There were about 15 students in my class. They were from different countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Japan and their ages also varied greatly.

In the lessons, I gradually became able to speak with ease in class and make successful presentations. I made new friends and enjoyed talking with them in English. When I look back now, studying in Canada was a great, pleasant experience in many ways.
(Excerpts from Tottori University Overseas Language Study Training Report 2009)

Foreign Students Studying at Tottori University

Long-term program

Female sophomore from Vietnam in the Department of Regional Culture, Faculty of Regional Sciences

Period: From April 2009 up to the present

I am from Da Nang, the third largest city in Vietnam. Since I had always been an adventurous girl, my father encouraged me to study abroad. However, he added that he would not be able to send enough money to me since we were not so wealthy. So I thought that I should study hard to win a scholarship or a tuition waiver program. I chose Japan – an Asian country like Vietnam where people use chopsticks – as my destination. I liked Doraemon and wanted to try wearing a beautiful kimono. I was also interested in the tea ceremony and above all wanted to learn more about Japanese culture.

After studying Japanese for two years in Hiroshima, I took the entrance exam to Tottori University. I had heard that the university offered excellent agricultural and medical courses, but above all, I was attracted to the university because it offered a course on “regional culture.”  

Immediately after I entered the university, I felt confused because the Japanese students and I had very different attitudes. However, as I tried to become more open and talk to them more proactively, I was able to make friends. I participated in harvesting sweet potatoes at the farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, the Tottori Sand Dunes clean-up activity with local citizens and exchange programs with local elementary school children. Now I feel much closer to Tottori, although the lectures by the professors are still very difficult for me. Even taking notes is tough.  

I want Japanese people to know more about Vietnam and I want Vietnamese to know more about Japan. So, in the future, I want to find a job that serves as a bridge between Vietnam and Japan.
(An excerpt from the 2011 Tottori University Prospectus)

Studying abroad under the Double Degree Program

Female student in the Faculty of Regional Sciences (from Pukyong National University, Pusan, Korea)

Period: April 2007 to March 2009

In April 2007, I came to Tottori under the Double Degree Program allowing me to obtain degrees from both Pukyong National University and Tottori University. I had no hesitation in studying abroad as I liked the idea of getting two degrees in a short period like 5 or 6 years. Although I was confused at the beginning due to the many new things I encountered in Japan, I got used to my life in the country after receiving a great deal of support from my teachers, seniors and other people. For lectures, which I found to be the hardest part, I was introduced to a tutor who helped me with the classes and reports. The tutor was a great help. I made many Japanese friends through group activities and international programs. Through interaction with my Japanese friends, I not only improved my Japanese, but also deepened my understanding of my own country. My experience of living together with other foreign students from various countries has become a precious treasure that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I think I grew up a lot during my one year in Tottori. In Tottori, everything is a lesson; having fun, working or taking part in group activities. I enjoy learning these lessons every day. Why don’t you come to Tottori and join me in making nice friends and learning precious lessons?
(An excerpt from the 2009 Tottori University Prospectus)