Overseas Programs

In the present age of globalization, declining birthrates and aging populations, there is a need for people with regional knowledge and the ability to think and take action, as well as people who can make overseas connections, and create business and job opportunities. The Faculty of Regional Sciences actively engages in overseas fieldwork in order to foster individuals with the language skills, cultural understanding, and local sensibilities necessary for interacting with different cultures and people who adhere to different customs. The following programs are offered with subsidized travel costs.

I. Overseas Fieldwork Seminar Program

In this program, students will survey various dimensions that comprise regional sciences through fieldwork in Asia and North America. Students will cooperate with local overseas students and residents as they learn to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired at the Faculty of Regional Sciences. The program also serves as an opportunity to further enhance international understanding and language abilities.

Each program will include pre-departure training and preparation, as well as reflection activities upon returning to Japan. The program is chance to think about regions with an inter-local perspective that goes beyond Japan or other national borders.

1. Vietnam, Huế Program

Students will survey agricultural village communities and the natural environment (forests, topography, geology), and engage in exchange with students at Huế University. The program aims to strengthen fieldwork skills while approaching regional issues from inter-local and interregional perspectives.

Huế University (Huế, Vietnam)

2. Indonesia Program

Students will deepen their understanding of the diversity in Indonesia (ethnicities, food cultures, religions, etc.) through workshops and excursions with students from the Japanese Language Department at University of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka in Java, Indonesia.

University of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka (Jakarta, Indonesia)

3. North America Program

Students will explore multicultural society and ethnicity in North America with a focus on the history of the Nikkei community. Through talks and interviews with Nikkei people, students will deepen their understanding of the complexities of identities and regions which transcend national contexts.

University of California, Davis (California, USA), etc.

II. East Asia Program

This is a mutual exchange program between Tottori University’s Faculty of Regional Sciences (Studies of Global and Regional Cultures) and universities in China, Korea, and Taiwan. The program is part of a project to foster individuals with the necessary language skills and regional sensibilities in order to engage in activities in East Asia. Participating students will develop a closer affinity to people and regions throughout East Asia.

Participating Universities:
  • East Asia Program at Tottori University
  • Chinese Language, History, and Culture Program at Xiamen University
  • Korean History and Culture Survey at Ewha Womans University

1. East Asia Program at Tottori University

Students from China, Korea, and Taiwan visit the Faculty of Regional Sciences for approximately ten days to attend classes in Japanese language and regional sciences, and conduct regional fieldwork with Tottori University students. Each year, students establish a research topic, survey the Tottori area, and present a comparative international analysis based on their findings. This program allows students to experience the diversity of languages, cultures, and histories in East Asia and attain an international perspective.
Tottori University

2. Chinese Language, History, and Culture Program at Xiamen University

This program is conducted in cooperation with the Xiamen University School of Humanities and consists of Chinese language classes, lectures by Xiamen University instructors, and student exchange activities. Participants will study Xiamen history, folk beliefs, southern Chinese architecture, and the activities of overseas Chinese through lectures and surveys. Students will learn about China’s diversity as well as its many connections with other regions.

Xiamen University (Fujian Province, China)

3. Korean History and Culture Survey at Ewha Womans University

Faculty of Regional Sciences students and instructors decide on a research topic to pursue in cooperation with students and instructors in Korea. The program focuses on fieldwork and aims to foster people with regional sensibilities.

Ewha Womans University (Seoul, Korea)

Tottori University Programs

Programs offered by Tottori University for overseas learning. Students can apply for scholarships.

1. Global Gateway Program

  • Overseas Practical Education Programs: Uganda (Makerere University), Mexico (Autonomous University of Baja California Sur)
  • Language and Cultural Understanding Programs: Taiwan English Training Program (Spring: Ming Chuan University), Malaysia English Training Program (Spring/Summer: University of Malaya)
  • Language Programs (3-5 weeks of English training at a university): Australia (Spring: Adelaide University), United States (Spring: University of Arkansas, Summer: University of California, Davis), Canada (Summer: University of Waterloo)
  • Domestic Short-Term Intensive English Training Programs
  • Student Exchange Programs with Partner Universities
  • Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan: Japan Representative Overseas Study Program

2. Tottori University Global Human Resource Program

  • Fundamental Skills Course aimed at fostering the fundamental skills needed in a global society
  • Global Intensification Course aimed at fostering high global abilities