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Department of Regional Policy

Department of Regional PolicyPromoting key persons who can apply sound theories and broad views to tackle regional issues.


Urban life and living conditions in big cities are rapidly changing. At the same time, in country and mountainous areas of Japan, the exodus from rural areas is accelerating. People are facing serious concerns such as rapid aging and low birthrates. The Department of Regional Policy trains students to be key persons who can apply sound theories and broad views to tackle such regional issues.


  • Municipal government and municipal law
  • Policies and frameworks to promote partnerships between regional governments and local citizens
  • Support organizations for improving citizens’ lives
  • Public policies aimed at promoting regional economies
  • Community welfare systems that meet public needs
  • Regional planning by municipalities


Class 1 Teacher’s License to Teach in Junior High Schools (Social Studies) Class 1 Teacher’s License for to Teach in High Schools(Geography and History, Civics), Curator,School Librarian Teacher

Reauires credit in the courses offered in the Department of Regional Education and other required coursework. Depending on the case,it is impossible to obtain more than one license within a 4-year period.


Local government employee, national government employee, business enterprise employee, education (junior or senior high school teacher), NGO/NPO worker, graduate student...

About Field Research

About Field ResearchThe Department of Regional Policy offers “Field Research” as an obligatory subject of the second-year students. This subject is aimed at providing the students with the opportunities to go to the actual fields for research themselves, discover policy challenges in the regions,and acquire the basics of various ways of conducting surveys and analyses in order to tackle these challenges.

Based on this actual research training, the students will participate in further advanced lectures and seminars, and devote themselves to the graduation work in the third year and thereafter.

We researched in Yurihama Towm in the school years 2005-2007, and in Iwami Town from the school year 2008 as the resealh field. And we have presentation meetings about the research results in the towns, and published the reports each year.

In parallel with the actual survey trainings, The Department of Regional Poicy is conducting various regional cooperation projects with the local autonomies which are collaborating with us for the surveys. “Field Research” is one of the subjects which represent our theme “development of the key persons in regions”, the concept which forms the basis of the establishment of The Faculty of Regional Sciences.