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Department of Regional Culture

Department of Regional CultureAn academic department which aims to promote vitality and a rich cultural life in society.


The Department of Regional Culture provides students with a broad knowledge of a variety of topics linked to arts and culture. In our department, students explore a range of cultural issues in various regions using innovative educational methods such as fieldwork. The department aims to train “key persons” who can apply their specialized skills to designing cultural programs that promote social progress, a rich culture and a better future for residents of each region. (48 students accepted per year)


  • A solid foundation of knowledge enabling students to understand a variety of cultural genres and to analyze modern cultural issues
  • An understanding of the process of cultural formation and a sound grasp of effective ways to apply this knowledge
  • The aptitude and communication skills needed to promote positive cultural exchanges between regions and nations
  • The ability to interact effectively with corporations and residents in any given region as well as a sound background in regional cultural policies and art management


Class 1 Teacher’s License to Teach in Junior High Schools (Japanese, English)
Class 1 Teacher’s License to Teach in High Schools (Japanese, English)
School Librarian Teacher

Requires credit in the courses offtered in the Department of Regional Education and other required coursework.Depending on the case, it is impossible to obtain more than one license within a 4-year period.


Government employment, civil servant, culture foundation staff member,Culture NPO(Non-profit Organization) staff member, international exchange coordinator, Private corporation or company (mass media, publishing, publicity, advertising, travel, tourism, software, education, cultural facility management, event coordinator, etc.), Art gallery or museum expert, Junior or senior high school instructor, Japanese language instructor, Graduate school

About Field Research

About Field ResearchThe Department of Regional Culture offers students a unique chance to carry out “cultural survays”in the community using Tottori Prefecture as a research field for the purpose of exploring cultural assets in the region and acquiring a deeper understanding of their significance.

These surveys not only serve to enhance the field work skills of participating students but also open up possibilities for realizing a new type of revitalization in local regions. Student field work is designed around four main themes:
*cultural surveys to research mysteries of “The White Rabbit of Inaba”myth
*surveys and researches for revitalizing Tottori City center through cultural initiatives
*cultural surveys of Tottori topography using the late Edo Period document “無駄安留記” (Muda Aruki)
*field surveys of topics linked to international exchange in Tottori Prefecture