Organizational Overview

Studies of Regional Creation

This major develops individuals who can actively work towards regional creation with communities and organizations such as NPOs, locally-based private enterprise, and public administration in order to resolve present and future regional issues.

Studies of Education and Human Resource Development

This major aims to foster professionals who can support human resource development with the necessary theories for restructuring the relation between schools, education and local regions from the standpoint of lifelong learning. Students can acquire teaching licenses for kindergarten, elementary, and special needs schools, as well as licenses for becoming a childcare worker.

Studies of Global and Regional Cultures

Students in this major will acquire a broad range of cultural knowledge and language skills necessary to work with people from diverse backgrounds in order to create relations and fulfilling lifestyles in Japan and overseas.

A separate entrance examination is scheduled to be held for each major. Please refer to the Application Guidelines for details. The available teaching licenses may be subject to change.

Faculty Affiliated Centers

Child Development and Learning Research Center

The Faculty of Regional Sciences Child Development and Learning Research Center engages in research on child development and learning in collaboration with the affiliated schools of Tottori University. The Center promotes research on classroom practices, cohort studies, and related neurosciences with members of the Faculty of Regional Sciences as well as other collaborative organizations.

Art Center

The Faculty of Regional Sciences Art Center engages in research and activities to promote and develop regional arts and culture. The Center focuses its activities in Tottori, while also engaging in broader regional contribution efforts in collaboration with art-related individuals, organizations, supporters and audiences.