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Message from the Dean

Dean Tadashi Fujii

The Faculty of Regional Sciences was established in 2004 in order to foster the development of key individuals who can create prosperous futures for regions. “Region” is a term that refers to an area where people live and in which they build social relations. The world consists of overlapping regions that differ by scale and characteristics. Many problems that people are trying to address today can be better understood by using regions as the basic units on which to center their studies. To that end, the field of regional sciences serves to re-conceptualize existing academic frameworks.

At the Faculty of Regional Sciences, we believe that the revival of regional environments and regional culture is fundamental to regional creativity. We also believe that the advancement of regional culture linked with the promotion of regional education serves as an instrument for regional creativity, and that regional policies can be used to accomplish optimal regional creativity. The mission of the Faculty of Regional Sciences is to develop key individuals within regions who have a passion for regional creativity and can offer specialized knowledge and skills in the regional sciences and in four domains: regional environment, regional culture, regional education, and regional policy. In pursuit of this mission, students learn from regions and identify and address regional issues.

The faculty pursues practical education and research to aid students in gaining the ability to resolve issues and execute tasks within the mutual relations existing in regions. Our education is based on a diverse and original curriculum. In addition to classes that focus on understanding regions, we emphasize fieldwork that is closely linked to the regions that students study and research. Students conduct regional research for six months or one year, studying a region on their own and developing practical skills to address regional challenges. The Faculty of Regional Sciences is also distinguished by its emphasis on small class size. In the first semester of the first year of study, students attend a variety of seminars, including introductory university lectures, and pursue research to become more aware of regional issues and improve their own ability to examine problems. By reducing the barriers between instructors and students, we encourage a warm atmosphere and close communication. In addition, the Faculty of Regional Sciences has lately been pursuing regional activities with an increasingly international emphasis through exchanges with students and researchers in regions throughout Asia.

We hope you will take the opportunity to visit the Faculty of Regional Sciences. We look forward to meeting you who are prospective students so that you can see for yourself what we do at the Faculty of Regional Sciences and gain a better grasp of our field.

Tadashi Fujii